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Keyword Search research

Keword Search Best rock singer and the search query results are astounding.

Surprisingly enough the age of information is falling short on providing ACCURATE INFORMATION.

We performed a search for – the best rock singer – no accurate results were found.

All results were unrelated or obviously inaccurate. Example one video was of woman who sang horribly but was attractive to look at for men, as she was half naked and slinging hair.

It is safe to assume the Best rock singer exist but cannot found in the search results as the best rock vocalist.

  • The claim of 100 greatest rock singers of all times.
  • The top ten rock male rock stars. Best rock vocals on the voice.

All of which have nothing to directly related to the question.

Who is the best rock singer/s?

Simple question with a request for a simple answer. Yet all search engines including Google the masters of information lack accuracy. Is Google to blame, Absolutely not. The owners of the websites who publicly, publish information on the Internet are independent in their actions and there is little to no Accountability online.

How would anyone know who the best rock singer is?

Should we leave this question up to the experts, who currently report in articles, PR.

WE ALL LOVED Nina Samone an amazing artist well deserving of musical accolades, she didn’t receive. However, Nina Samone was not a rock singer. Hence a primary example of inaccurate search results. The atrocities don’t end with the results



Below is where you end up when you click on this link. An article that has nothing to do with Nina Samone. Accident or incident? Incidentally we found that after click on several search results NONE OF THEM Had anything to do with image attached.

Common online bait and switch tactic using images of famous black singers such as Aretha Franklin, RAY Charles, Prince and James Brown with a title and or tag to promote fame of an irrelevant artist who can’t sing very well.

Most people who are famed as, rock music icons, cannot sing well.

Right genre wrong claim.

The KEYWORDS are Best Rock Singers.

  • Artist who can’t sing should not be listed as best singer of any genre.
  • Artist who sing well but don’t sing rock music should not be included in a list of best ROCK SINGERS OR VOCALIST.
  • Artist who have have received awards for best album or most sold rock song should not be on the list for the best lead vocalist. Since the question wasn’t who won the most awards they didn’t deserve. #RealTalk


Most popularized, top rock album and good music production are accredited but are details that have nothing to do with vocals or singing skill.

Doesn’t the voice rule out people who can sing but don’t have the look?

You know what “the look” means.

When is the last time you saw a rock star over 150 pounds?

Since the short reign of Tom Petty there has been a flood of unskilled artist at the top of charts.

Was Tom Petty the mark of the end of real talent in the industry of rock music?

So how are they listed or described as Epic Rock singers or Icons of the rock sector in the music industry?

Why is knowing who the best rock singer is important?

Through out history, we have always looked to the media sources of that error to discover the history of mankind. We translate and transcribed documents of the past.

Generations beyond today will search the internet for information about today. All they will discover is this generation is a bunch of liars and pretenders. They will be fooled by the inaccurate reports and call their search online research. Making the inaccurate assumption that information online is accurate based on the name of the company or entity they retrieved the information from. Currently you see and hear this common thread of people arguing a topic or issue with no valid grounds for the position of debate other than an online article written by God knows who. I recently came across an article written by a major news reporter that was so inaccurate I felt compelled to sign and comment on the inaccuracy. Undoubtedly my comment was moderated and not approved. The article was edited with corrections either. So people will continue read the inaccurate article by this “famous” accredited author/writer and assert it’s accuracy based on fame and not facts.


Why is reporting accurate information on who the best rock singer is, important?


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